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AAWAA Shadow Puppet Workshops

Artists Yan Kong,  Song Xin and Helen Lin  lead the workshops in the creation of puppets and scenery set design using Chinese cut-paper technique. The production of a CD/sound track is made for the Play Performance.  Puppets are made with acetate film and manipulated horizontally on the overhead projector.


2006 Workshops

2007 Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

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Upcoming Workshops

2007 Summer Shadow Puppet Workshop Residency Program
Location – to be announced – either at a Brooklyn Library Branch or AAWAA Gallery.

Project time frame: July 10 to August 14, 2007. A six-weeks program with eight two-hours sessions.  First two weeks there will be two sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, the remaining four weeks will have one session a week.

Target Population  Children 8 years to 14 years old in Brooklyn. The workshop will serve 25 - 30 students. The participant students will be divided into three teams. Each team will create a three minutes Shadow Puppet Play.


2007 Fall Introductory Workshops series. 10 workshops to be scheduled for Public School students and Brooklyn libraries.


To request a Shadow Puppet Play Performance/Workshop

For more information please contact Yan Kong 718-788-6170  info@aawaa.org

Single Workshop - Through narration, movement and special sound effects, the paper/acetate cutouts on distinct personalities come alive in Shadow puppetry, an art form popular in the Southeast Asia. Artists Helen Lin, Song Xin and Yan Kong will lead the workshops in which children make their own simple cut-paper design. The Puppet Play is performed in full view of the audience- giving viewers an intimate access to the puppeteers’ movements and techniques. Plays available: The Peaceable Kingdom and Buddha Subdued Monkey King Sun Wu Kung.
Program cost: $350 Include Workshop Materials. Three artists will attend 25-30 students.

Shadow Puppet Workshop Residency Program –A six-week 8 sessions program. 2 hours each session. Participants are limited to 20-30 students. Age 8 – 14. 3 artists will lead the workshops for:

  • Writing a script : The creation of a story for the play, How many characters in the play, create dialogs for the characters in the play. The 3  minutes script can be written in the form of a story or a poem according to the children preferences.
  • The visuals – how the puppets should be made – a choice of using Chinese cut-paper technique, collages or simple drawing with crayons and paint. Puppets can

       also be made by directly painting on acetate films using non-toxic watercolor dyes.

  • Once the puppets are drawn and cut out they are laminated for protection purpose. After lamination the puppets are ready for movement creation using eyelet insets and

drinking straws or sticks.

  • Sound recording for impersonating puppet characters. Participants are encouraged to bring in their favorite music for the play. Voice recording using video equipment.

      Yan Kong will do the final  sound-mix in a sound recording studio for three CD 
      productions- one for each play.

  • Participants take turns rehearsing their shadow puppet plays for performances.

All sessions will be recorded in video for learning and documentary purposes.

Program cost: $5000 Include all materials, sound track CD productions.