Asian American Women Artists Alliance
AAWAA Events: Traditional Balinese Dance Performance - Opening Receptions and Exhibits - Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Lion Dance


AAWAA's program is supported by donations through public and private funds.

2003 - 2004 programs and exhibits have been made possible with public funds from:

Brooklyn Arts Council/DCA
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council/NYSCA
JP Morgan Chase/BAC
Ford Foundation/BAC

Brooklyn Community Sponsors include:
Delices De Paris
Neergaard Pharmacies
Accurate Photo Shop Inc.
Café Steinhop
Harbor Fitness
Astoria Savings Bank, 5th Ave
Astoria Savings Bank 7th Ave

Generous support is provided by our AAWAA Members and Contributors, including:

Seema Christie
Jacie Lee Almira
E.K. Jeong
Yvette Castro

Frances Matsuo
Yeachin Tsai
Miwako Monica Miya

Ellen Hsiao
Helen Lin
Jean Fang

Karin Soika
Yan Kong
Terumi Kaneyasu


Become a Member! We welcome artists to join AAWAA and support our goals. AAWAA suggests:

  • a voluntary annual membership fee of $25
  • a work requirement of 2 hours per month, and
  • attendance at two mandatory meetings annually, one in March and the other in September.

Working Members are divided into eight working committees:

  • Exhibition;
  • Publicity/Marketing;
  • Accounting;
  • Membership;
  • Publishing;
  • Curatorial;
  • Website;
  • Fundraising

In return for their work for us, members will get free individual web pages on our website at www.aawaa.org. In conjunction with the annual January and October exhibitions at the AAWAA Gallery in Brooklyn, working members will be given the opportunity for a solo exhibition in Gallery II (subject to curatorial decisions.)

Membership is open to women artists in all disciplines and to all ethnic women who support our goals.

All Membership Categories:

Artist/Friend $25

  • Enjoy 20% discount on all workshops which require a fee
  • Tools and equipment for art will be available for a rental charge
  • Eligibility for selection in the annual exhibition
  • Annual exhibition opportunities ( subjected to AAWAA curatorial decisions): three in Brooklyn at AAWAA Gallery/Alternative Space, one in a Manhattan gallery
  • Slide Registry

Arts Organization $100

  • Access to AAWAA"s art resources
  • Members of arts organization may attend AAWAA"s seminars free and receive a 20% discount on workshops that require a fee

Patron $250

  • All benefits of the above categories

Corporate $2000-$5000

  • All benefits from the above categories
  • Select one piece from the Alliance"s collection of member-donated artwork

To become a Member, please use the Membership Application Form

AAWAA is an organization run by its membjers. We depend on your help and contributions. You can donate time, money, or help in other ways. For more information please go to Your Support section.

Your Support

AAWAA is a 501C(3) not-for-profit organization in the arts operated solely by volunteer artists. Support our program by making a donation to AAWAA, a 501C(3) not-for-profit organization. Your donation helps us promote art work by Asian women; reflect and document our practice; bring forth exciting free performances; and engage the communities with our programs, such as:

  • Beginning in 2005 AAWAA is sponsoring an on-going Art Portfolio Development Program for junior high school students in our Brooklyn communities. The Portfolio Program is free to Brooklyn students.
  • In 2004 AAWAA has received a $ 6,500 grant from the Ford Foundationthrough Brooklyn Arts Council. This grant allows us to hire consultants and begin addressing our goals of building a functional Board, for staff members to attend workshops to learn fundraising and management skills, and develop resources for a paid staff. The three staff members who will be working with this project are Yan Kong, Hee Jung Kim and Yvette Castro.
    In order to complete this project and pay the working staff we need to fundraise an additional $ 9,000. Please support this critical Board Development Project and help us making it a successso AAWAA would be considered for additional Ford Funding in 05 and 06 funding cycle.

AAWAA's History

At it's inception in 1998 the Asian American Women Artists Alliance was a core group of Asian American women looking for ways to provide a venue for their work and support for each other. Since then AAWAA has been working on making a name for itself by showcasing a diverse group of women artists. The group has expanded to include women from all ethnic backgrounds. As such members are provided with encouragement and direction within this cohesive unit while continuing to seek support (in terms financial aid) as well as searching for spaces to display work.

AAWAA is a young and evolving organization. We need financial support, volunteer's time, contributions in ideas and initiatives. Most of all this organization is not some remote bureaucracy. We are a group of women artists trying to help each other and accomplish something together. Each one of you can make a difference.

You can:

  • volunteer time and help coordinate the exhibits, run the organization, etc.!
  • send us your tax-deductible contribution by check
  • contribute in other ways.

Please make your check payable to AAWAA and mail it to:

Asian American Women Artists Alliance (AAWAA)
136 15th Street, Basement,
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Thank you for your generous support.

To become a AAWAA Member with all the Membership benefits, please go to the Membership section.