AAWAA  Asian American Women Artists Alliance

"Eat Art 8"

December 4, 2005
AAWAA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

The spirit of the "Eat Art" exhibit: a conglomeration of food, humor, visual delight, fun, eating, taste, surprise and metaphor.

Participanting artists: Cao Ai, Cecile Chong, Seema Christie, Yvette Castro, Candace Hsiao, Anki King, Yan Kong, Andrea Mai Lekberg, Aimee Margolis, Mercedes Nunez, Olgica Radulov, Nana S. park, Ary Roncaglia, Miyoung Song, Xin Song, Camila Valdeavellano, Yu Zhang

  Yvette Castro, Marcedes Nunez, Tricia Daniel, Phil Lorenz, Judy Lorenz
"Rancho Alegre"

Icing and candies on styrofoam plate form
 Cecile Chong

Pain(t), nails, gel and bone
  Seema Christie
"Chocolate Goddess, Nani-ma, Grandmother"

Chocolate on parchment
  Candace Hsiao
"Ashanti Fertility Doll Sugar Cookies"

Cookie Cutter made by Victor Belcore
  Candace Hsiao
"Hanging Time-Lapse Mixed Fruit"

Assorted fruit and water

Anki King

Spaghetti table top installation

  Yan Kong
"Agar Agar"
Landscape, seaweed gelatin

Yan Kong
"Piñata Clouds"

Paper and goodies

  Yan Kong
"Chinese Checker Game"
Game board-sugar, corn syrup, food coloring, nuts, gumballs, candies

Andrea Mai Lekberg
"Gingerbread Samplers"

gingerbread and royal icing


Andrea Mai Lekberg
"Mary Jane Dress"

candy wrappers, muslin and buttons

  Daniel Levitt

"All Fly Away"

Marshmallow Peeps


Aimee Margolis
"Place Setting"

(plates) part of series


Nana S. Park

Wood frame, coffee beans on paper


Nana S. Park

Wood frame, coffee beans on paper


Nana S. Park
"Double + 1"

Wood frame, coffee beans on paper


Olgica Radulov
"Teacups and Panteas"

Tea bags and thread


Ary Roncaglia
"Guava Men"

Vinyl frame, mniniature men made out of guava paste


Camila Valdeavellano
"Solanum Tuberosum"

Lamas made from organic potatoes


Xin Song
"Chinese Zodiac Animals"


  audience at Eat Art 8
  A special musical performance of original compositions by Feng Ke and kemaxu

This exhibition is made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State council on the Arts administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council.