AAWAA  Asian American Women Artists Alliance

"Eat Art 7"

November 1, 2003
Gallery Viet Nam, 55 North More St., NYC

The spirit of the "Eat Art" exhibit: a conglomeration of food, humor, visual delight, fun, eating, taste, surprise and metaphor.

Participanting artists: Mija Jung Bryen, Suzanne Bagley, Yvette Castro, Rose DeLuca, Maggie Doyle, Ran Huang, EunKyung Jeong, Yan Kong, Mei-Te Kuo, Donah Lee, Amiee Margolis, Chie Nishio, Olgica Radulov, Marianne Ramos, Ary Roncaglia, E-Anna Soong, Lauren H. Sung, Yeachin Tsai, Ricardo Woo

Read the Press Release for "Eat Art 7" here.

Aimee Margolis, Art with a Bite Pins and Boxes  Aimee Margolis
"Art with a Bite Pins and Boxes"

Ginger spice cookies, royal icing and candy. Edible except for the pin attachment and cardboard.
Andes Liu, Eggs   Andes Liu

Ary Roncaglia, Aripo Project   Ary Roncaglia
"Aripo Project"

Arepas, wooden rods and raw white cheese
The Aripo Project - Eating Hour   The Aripo Project - Eating Hour
The Aripo Project - Eating Hour   The Aripo Project - Eating Hour
Chie Nishio, Angel of Death   Chie Nishio
"Angel of Death"
E-Anna Soong, Food for Thought   E-Anna Soong
"Food for Thought"

Amorphic french butter cookies, food dye, ink on ribbon, silver paint on cork
Eunkyung Jeong, Wine Cup Stream   Eunkyung Jeong
"Wine Cup Stream"

Plum Wine, Rice Paper, Parchment Paper, Rice, Cotton String.
The inspiration of the installation is from the story 'wine cup stream' from the biography of the great Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi (Wang Hsi-Chich). He and his friend were outing and had to drink one of the cups of wine whenever they failed to compose a poem by certain time limit.
Evan Blinkley, Animals   Evan Blinkley

Chocolate, wooden animal mold
Maggie Doyle   Maggie Doyle



Marianne Ramos, "General Tso"   Marianne Ramos
" General Tso"

Chicken, bread, food coloring
Olgica Radulov, Untitled   Olgica Radulov

Rice, spices, egg shell, salad material, tea
Ricardo Woo, Carnal Knowledge   Ricardo Woo
"Carnal Knowledge"

Chocolate Bars Installation
Sharon Silbermann, Shari's Sugar Shack   Sharon Silbermann
"Shari's Sugar Shack"

" Schookies": custom colored foyal icing on sugar cookie "canvasses"
Yan Kong, Baked Alaska, Iceberg  
Yan Kong
"Baked Alaska" (Iceberg)

Installation; sugar with corn syrup and food coloring toy bear (not edible)
Yan Kong, Nite Lights   Yan Kong
"Nite Lights"

Sugar, corn syrup, food coloring
Yeachin Tsai, Lobster   Yeachin Tsai

Sugar and dye color on paper
Yvette Castro and Rose Deluca, Untitled   Yvette Castro and Rose Deluca

Chocolate and other sweets
Oligica and a friend   Oligica and a friend
Audience at Eat Art 7   Audience at Eat Art 7
Audience at Eat Art 7   Audience at Eat Art 7
A performance by Lauren Hee Seung Sung
A performance by Lauren Hee Seung Sung
A performance by Lauren Hee Seung Sung
  A performance by Lauren Hee Seung Sung

Lauren Hee Seung Sung was born in Soul, South Korea in 1977. She studied at Hong Ik University where she received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in painting. In 2002, she had a solo exhibition at Total Art Museum. In addition to her study of painting, Lauren began exploring performance art. In 2003, Lauren made a visit to the Venice Biennale where, though not invited to participate, she performed a piece titled "Uninvited/Invited". This marked a new direction for the artist who now makes performance, photography, and video along side her ongoing investigation of painting and drawing. In today's performance, Lauren moves through the life and rhythm of female experience. Light, color, and movement are used by Lauren to express her unique perspective on being a woman. The cycle of life is at the heart of her performance, with an emphasis on the nature of nurture and nourishment.Audience at Eat Art 6
Eat Art 7 participants   Eat Art 7 participants

This exhibition is made possible, in part, by the following business leadship in the Brooklyn Park Slope district.: Accurate Photo Shop Inc, Astoria Federal Savings on 5th Ave, Astoria Federal Savings on 7th Ave., Café Steinhof, Delices De Paris- Pastries Café, Harbor Fitness, Neergaard Pharmacies.