AAWAA  Asian American Women Artists Alliance

"Eat Art 5"

December 1, 2002
HEREArt Gallery, 145 6th Ave., New York 10013

The spirit of the "Eat Art" exhibit: a conglomeration of food, humor, visual delight, fun, eating, taste, surprise and metaphor.

Participanting artists: Jacie Lee Almira, Genevieve Bagley, Suzanne Bagley, Yvette Castro, Candace Hsiao, Sun Han, Ran Hwang, Amy Hu, Suejin Jo, Joo Hyun Kang, Anki King, Yan, Kong, Patty Kim, Mei-Te Kuo, Helen Lin, Chie Nishio, Chie Shimizu, Diana Schmertz, Karin U. Soika, Biomar René Brito, Ramón Solares, Susan Smolinsky, Selena Wong, Hee Sung Yang, Pamela Vander Zwan

ANKI KING "Torso"  Anki King

Burnt Sugar
PATTY KIM  "The Two Koreas"   Patty Kim
"The Two Koreas"

Rice, Lights, Food Coloring
KARIN SOIKA, BIOMAR BRITO, R. SOLARES "Mujer Berenjena"   Karin U. Soika, Biomar Brito, Ramón Solares
"Mujer Berenjena - A Nightshady Woman"

Eggplant - all Variations
CANDACE HSIAO "Food X-R-A-Y #1"   Candace Hsiao
"Food X-R-A-Y #1"
Anatomy of a Canape

Smoked Salmon, White Bread, Onion, Lemon, Capers, Anchovy Paste and Mini Touch Lites
CHIE NISHIO "Siilent Stars Above"   Chie Nishio
"Silent Stars Above"

Cookies and Photograph
RANN HWANG "Mode 3-D"   Rann Hwang
"Mode 3-D"

Mixed Media
PAMELA VANDER ZWAN "New Yorkers Searching for a State of Mind"   Pamela Vander Zwan
"New Yorkers Searching for a State of Mind"

Caramel Popcorn Balls (Variable)
DIANA SCHMERTZ "Would you like fries with that? "   Diana Schmertz
"Would you like fries with that?"

Chocolate, Marsipan
CHIE SCHIMIZU "Mask"   Chie Schimizu

Chocolate, Sugar, Green Tea Powder
GENEVIEVE BAGLEY "Starry Night"   Genevieve Bagley
"Starry Night"

Chocolate, Marzipan, Almond
AMY HU "Winter Wonderland"   Amy Hu
"Winter Wonderland"

Sugar, Salt, Candies
HELEN LIN "Snow Man"   JOO HYUN KANG "Bruning My Life"
  Helen Lin (left)
"Snow Man"

Banana Cake, Rice, Green Melon

Joo Hyun Kang (right)
"Burning My Life"

Rice Cake, Ricen Paper
KARIN U. SOIKA, BIOMAR BRITO: And Sweet as Love   Karin U. Soika
"And Sweet As Love - A Mandala of Peace and Passion"

Coffee and Sugar
JACIE LEE ALMIRA "Rosary Pills"   Jacie Lee Almira
"Rosary Pills"

SUZANNE BAGLEY "Winter Dreams"   Suzanne Bagley
"Winter Dreams"

Candy, Sugar
SUN HAN "Your are What You Eat"   SUEJIN JO "Brice Marden Fishing in the West Lake Making Believve He is a Sung Poet"


  Sun Han
"Your are What You Eat"

Pasta, Coffee

Suejin Jo
"Brice Marden Fishing in the West Lake Making Believve He is a Sung Poet"

Mixed Media
SUSAN SMOLINSKY "Fairy Tea"   Susan Smolinsky
"Fairy Tea"

Orange Rind
SELENA WONG "Boys are Better"   Selena Wong
"Boys are Better"

Eggs, Food Coloring
YVETTE CASTRO "Jewelery Box"   Yvette Castro
"Jewelery Box"

Cookies, Sprinkles, Candies
YAN KONG "Sugar for Licking"   Yan Kong
"Sugar for Licking"

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Food Coloring
YAN KONG "Roll Call"   Yan Kong
"Roll Call"

Organic Pears, Candies, Dried Fruits
SARAH STRONG - Food Catering   Sarah Strong
Food Catering

Special thanks to Sarah Strong for the food catering service.

This exhibition is made possible in part by contributions from Yoshizumi Asso LLC, Thalia E. Alberts, and friends and members of AAWAA.