AAWAA  Asian American Women Artists Alliance

"Eat Art 4"

December 2, 2001
A.I.R. Gallery, 40 Wooster Street, New York 10013

Under the impression of the most recent tragic events in New York City, AAWAA decided to make "Eat Art 4" a Fundraising Exhibition for Families of Disaster Victims. All FOOD ART piece were for sale in a silent auction and all proceeds including ticket sales went to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, set up by the Robin Hood Foundation.

Participating artists:Paula Alleyne, Biomar Rene Brito, Paula DeLuccia, Jane Tobin Jacobs, Angela Pian-Douma, Candace Hsiao, Ellen Hsiao, Seung-Ae Kim, Yan Kong, C.J. Lee, Laura Lew, Michelle Liu, Minn Matsuda, Chie Nishio, Jacqueline Schiller, Micky Schon, Karin Soika, Xin Song, Sarah Strong, Tomoko Tamura, Selena Wong
Friends in the food industry: Ceci Cela Patisserie, Chocolate Perfection (A Division of Hearts & Flowers Candy Company), Ferrara Bakery and Café, Kwong Wah Cake Company Inc., May May Gourmet Dim Sum, Spring Street Natural Restaurant, Schmidt's Confectionery, Taormina Restaurant of Mulberry Street, Vegetarian Paradise of Mott Street

Please find the Press Release for "Eat Art 4" here.

YAN KONG "Stars and Stripes"  Yan Kong
"The Stars and Stripes" (Detail)

Jello, gelatin, food coloring, star pictures sealed in plastic
CANDACE HSIAO "Peace"   Candace Hsiao

Marzipan, licorice, oreos
ZHANG YU "Crabs"   Zhang Yu
"Crabs" (Detail)

KARIN U. SOIKA "Susurro" (Whisper)   Karin U. Soika
"Susurro" (Whisper)

Sugar, corn syrup, food coloring
CHIE NISHIO "For the 5,157"   Chie Nishio
"For the 5,157"

Mixed medium
PAULA DELUCCIA "Lollyfish"   Paula DeLuccia

JACQUELINE SHILLER "Aviva Stone in Chocolate"   Jacqueline Shiller
"Aviva Stone in Chocolate"

MICKY SCHON "Mama's Apron Strings"   Micky Schon
"Mama's Apron Strings"

Fruit roll-ups
BIOMAR BRITO  "Castillo de Maiz" (Corn Castle)   Biomar Brito
"Castillo de Maiz" (Corn Castle)

ANGELA PIAN-DOUMA "Soup for the Soul"   Angela Pian-Douma
"Soup for the Soul"

Jello, candied sugar, vegetables, etc.
SEUNG-AE KIM "Temple of Wishes"   Seung-Ae Kim
"Temple of Wishes"

Wood, plastic wrap, rice, string, paper, food coloring
PAULA ALLEYNE "Spring it Forward"   Paula Alleyne
"Spring it Forward"

Chocolate, cupcakes, confectioner's sugar, Oreos
CJ LEE "Stripes"   CJ Lee

Sugar cubes, feathers, chocolate
SELENA WONG "White Salad"   Selena Wong
"White Salad"

Eggs, twinkies, bananas, Oreos
SARAH STRONG "They flew over Brooklyn"   Sarah Strong
"They flew over Brooklyn"

Cookies, silk thread, tree branch
LAURA LEW "Yoga Mat"   Laura Lew
"Yoga Mat"

Fruit roll-ups
TOMOKO TAMURA "Dollicious"   Tomoko Tamura
"Dollicious" (Detail)

Candy, chocolate
XIN SONG "Shadow of Chandelier"   Xin Song
"Shadow of Chandelier"

Seaweed nori

This exhibition is made possible in part by the Manhattan Community Arts Fund/New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.