AAWAA  Asian American Women Artists Alliance

"Eat Art" - A Cross-Cultural event with Art and Food

"Eat Art" was created for women. As the nurturing element in all societies, women have always been the central figures in bringing food to feed their families and friends. "Eat Art" singles out one day in the year to celebrate women: with attention and appreciation for cooking that is totally creative and apart from their daily chores.

"Eat Art" brings Art and Cultures in an amicable setting where women artists and friends in the NY Communities can meet to exchange ideas, bring each other good tidings, show off their talents - all in the one great common denominator: Food. Art and Food go as far back as the first primitive culture. Food is an integral part of all cultures and a singularly important part of Asian Cultures. Using food as a medium, "Eat Art" crosses all social/ethnical/political boundaries and reflects each participant's background and her inimitable tradition. In "Eat Art" food can take on a new perspective: a transformed and extended vision of culture, far from something just for the palate. The exhibit becomes a bridge, a means of sharing and an invitation to exchange.