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by Marianne Ramos

The Asian American Women Artists Alliance (AAWAA) was founded in 1998 to create an inter-generational and multicultural organization on behalf of emerging and established artists. AAWAA strives to bring the work of artists of differing backgrounds together to represent the melting pot of ideas and experience emerging from the interplay of cultures from around the globe. Together, our artists foster one another’s growth through mutual inspiration and encouragement.

Today, AAWAA is a home to over seventy members. Most are of Asian descent and others are of European or South American descent. This diversity of backgrounds lets many of the artists experience a wonderful dialogue between cultures while sharing the common bond of living in the United States. Ultimately, this diversity allows our members to examine the various personal and cultural perspectives of each artist’s experience of living between the world where they were raised and the world where they currently live.

The artists of AAWAA share a common struggle of finding or preserving their own identity in an ever-changing and multi-faceted American culture. Each artist must find their own unique path to succeed in the art world, while staying true to their heritage. In doing so, many face trials and difficulties. Some of the many issues that the artist may encounter are globalism, assimilation, acculturation, racism and sexism. These stumbling blocks must be confronted in order to find or preserve one’s own identity. 

This show, “Here Between,” will feature the work of seventeen carefully selected artists representing a variety of media and styles. “Here Between” examines the creative dynamic of the artists' efforts to reconcile life between the two worlds. While some artists illustrate reconciliation between the two, many more depict the struggle with assimilation and acculturation. This show surveys a range of experiences of individuals striving to find their place in American culture, as well as their place in the competitive world of art.
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