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Sungsook Setton

     A native of Changhung in South Korea's Cholla province, Sung-sook Setton was trained in brush painting and calligraphy under Korean and Chinese masters. She also studied Western art in Germany, the United Kingdom and United States where she obtained a BFA at Stony Brook University. Her works of art harmonizes cultural influences by drawing upon the wisdom of Asian masters while exploring new ways of expressing her surroundings. Through a minimalist approach inspired by Literati painting, she depicts the essential nature of her subjects through subtle brush strokes on rice (mulberry) paper. Sung-sook has exhibited in many solo and group shows in New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Minnesota, Maryland and Oxford, England. She has received numerous awards including A Best of Show as well as Second Prize at the National Exhibition of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc. Presently, her work is being represented at B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, New York. Her work has been collected by public institutions such as Stony Brook University, the Natural History Museum in Oxford, as well as by many private collectors. She is currently teaching at the Long Island Art League, the Wang Center of Stony Brook University, the China Institute in Manhattan, and her studio in Setauket.

ink and color on rice paper

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