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Tracie Lee
     Tracie Lee is a second-generation Chinese American artist who was born and raised in New Jersey. She earned her BA in Studio Art at Wellesley College. She continues her studies through artists’ workshops taught by Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky in Italy and South Africa. In addition, Ms. Lee has participated in shows in Boston, MA and Berlin, Germany. She currently resides and works in Brooklyn, NY.
     Tracie Lee’s work is inspired by stories that connect generations of women in her family. She strives to transform the perceived duality between cultural and ethnic identity into a flowing sense of self. Gathering individual and collective memories, she finds discrepancies and variations in the telling, re-telling and translation of those memories that give rise to a search for identity. Rather than seek a resolution to those variations or an absolute truth, Tracie is excited by the possibilities they offer. By weaving these
     strands of relative truths and half-remembered stories together, she creates a deeper connection to her family that transcends age and language differences.

Memory XII”, 2003

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