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Seema Christie

     I have most recently "unlearned" painting  and all that I studied in art school.
Painting  has become an expression of spirit for me.
Through building an energy healing practice, yoga and meditation I have found a way to approach creation through painting, or channeling spirit to manifesto as art.
     The release of ego  and small mind inform my daily life practice and art- by using the energy from my hands  an image comes out on the paper  appearing and unfolding as I open more and more to intuition ,trust and non- judgement.
Because of this process  I feel my work comes from a place of abstraction.
The main  goal for painting is simply to express the divine through the gift of creation, as each breath informs each moment and energy surrounds and makes us up,  I hope to express and share this spirit in the  healing form of paintings.
     My ethnicity as Indian American woman also informs my marks, the decorative marks that make up my paintings are meditative and reminiscent of indian decorative arts. My place in this world as a woman, also is painted reclaiming goddess/female power as mine.
was created many years after the holding 1, which was done when i first started panting, and when i truly accessed the inside self- the holding 2 is where i am at now,  more joyful yet still turned within amongst the world of "limbo" -being indian and american, and realizing that my true center is within not without. while we have family friends and ultimately spirit to hold us, the true way to be held is accept and understand the true nature of self by going within and then taking that insight to the outter world. the balance between woman/child/indian/american/self reliance/nurturing/inside and outside is what being here between means to me- negotiatin g the duality of the world which we live in.

"The Holding 2", 2005
30 x 24
Tempera on paper

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