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Jacie Lee Almira

     Jacie Lee Almira was born and raised in Queens, New York. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, works in TriBeCa, and has exhibited in galleries in New York City. Her work explores personal and emotional issues through mixed media sculptures, drawing, painting, digital photography, and video. To analyze and document her anxieties, curiosities, memories, and frustrations, she makes use of experimental methods such as data collection, repetitive testing, and taxonomy -- a holdover from years of studying biology. The objects Ms. Almira creates show details of her body and mind, and her methods refer to the body itself and to objects tangential to it. 
     In her most recent work, "Nasaan ka Inay" ("Where are you, Mommy"), she explores the nostalgia of her Filipina heritage through the changing dynamic between mother and daughter and the inevitable separation that occurs, emotionally and physically, as both grow older. Ms. Almira highlights her personal choices and dramas in order to record the origins and progress of issues in her life.

Self Portraits ( during insomnia), 2005
 4 oil paintings on canvas
each 10 x 10

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