Talking Hands

A group exhibition of the Asian American Women Artists Alliance
at A.I.R. Gallery, 511 W 25 Street, NYC, July 20 - August 7, 2004



Introduction by Ellen Hsiao

A critic had written of the show at the Salon des Impressionistes singling out Morisot: "There are five or six lunatics, one of them a woman."
- from Berthe Morisot by Anne Waldman

Maybe at AAWAA we are all "lunatics" for stubbornly believing that with very little funds and no major public or private backing, we can keep going and continue our programs for our members, year after year.

As AAWAA enters its seventh year, we are happy and proud of the fact that despite the continuing struggles with money and manpower, we have not yet cut back on any of our shows and activities. In fact, in fall 2003 we inaugurated the AAWAA Gallery/Alternative Space in Brooklyn, which gives our members an additional exhibition opportunity each year and accepts proposals for exhibitions, as well. This space has become the heart of our organization--where we exhibit, provide workshops, meet, and plan the future of our Alliance, which includes seeking new avenues for funding, working on board development, and creating a stronger infrastructure.

The seventh annual members exhibition at the A.I.R. gallery is our first one in Chelsea, and at a location that houses many other established galleries. We want to thank A.I.R. for renting the gallery space to us at a rate we can afford (though barely) and thereby giving our members the kind of exposure that we always strive for. And this year's show is a strong one. Works representing a wide spectrum of media and styles from 25 women artists, mostly of Asian descent, have been carefully selected. We feel they encompass both diversity and range as well as being of high professional quality.

Like other small and independent non-profit organizations that do not have big corporate or private sponsorships, AAWAA struggles from day to day, operating on a shoestring budget and relying on a few tenacious and dedicated individuals. If you, our members and friends, value and appreciate what we've worked so hard to achieve so far, we urge you to continue your support with contributions, with time, with ideas and suggestions to reach more artists, art collectors and potential sponsors. Any help is welcome! Get involved and become part of us so that we could grow together to offer even more opportunities and support to our members. Don't let AAWAA fade into history and be added to the long list of short-lived great ideas. Ask yourself: what are the odds of getting your work shown in Chelsea or Soho without a commercial gallery's backing, especially if you are just starting out or have yet to be "discovered"?

With world events the way they are today, it is painfully clear that one must stand up and be counted when it comes to matters that are important to you - whether you are an individual artist working against market forces to break into the art establishment or a world citizen speaking up for your beliefs for a better world. Put you money and time where your heart is. Don't let others do all the work.


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