Talking Hands

A group exhibition of the Asian American Women Artists Alliance
at A.I.R. Gallery, 511 W 25 Street, NYC, July 20 - August 7, 2004

Xin Song, Memories of Eighteen Years old, 2004 , 40" x 60", Papercut with ink and watercolor on rice paper
Memories of Eighteen Years old (Detail)
Papercut with ink and watercolor on rice paper
40" x 60", 2004

Xin Song

A graduate of the Central Academy of Art in the People's Republic of China in 1994, Xin Song last exhibited her works in Karigami at the Gallery of Ameriasia Bank in March, 2001. From 1999 - 2000, her dissertation, "Modern Karigami", was published by the Beijing China Today Company. In 1998, she not only sought to educate the non-Chinese audience about her art by teaching Karigami as part of the "English Bridge" program on China Central Television, but also found time to exhibit in prestigious events in China. From 1996 - 1997, Song organized the Beijing "Here & Now Bar" (referred to as the "CBGB" of China) including the much renowned gallery which frequently held avant garde exhibitions. She presently resides in New York City.

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