Talking Hands

A group exhibition of the Asian American Women Artists Alliance
at A.I.R. Gallery, 511 W 25 Street, NYC, July 20 - August 7, 2004

Elim Mak, Beauty Products, 2000, gouache watercolor and ink, 11"x14"
Beauty Products
Gouache watercolor and ink
11" x 14", 2000

Elim Mak

Elim Mak is an artist currently living and working in New York City. Her art career spans over a decade as a storyboard and comic book illustrator, graphic designer and fine art painter. Mak was born in Boston into a Chinese Canadian minister's family, and raised throughout Canada. In 1992, she received her BFA degree in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and she moved back to America shortly after graduation in order to pursue her art career. The subject of Asian women, beauty, and vibrant patterning is a recurring theme in Mak's work. It is inspired by her religiously austere upbringing as an only daughter and middle child, where any adornment of the body was strictly frowned upon. She renders with gouache and ink on paper, inspired by the gemlike detail of Chinese ornament design, Tibetan thangka and Japanese woodblock prints. She regards her paintings as precious jewels of devotion, a duality of the sensual and the sublime. Mak is also a member of the Asian American Arts Alliance, Children Book Illustrator's Group, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators and the Graphic Artists' Guild. She has shown her paintings in numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the Tri-State area.

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