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Gouache painting by Yu Zeling , Shanxi Province,
Thirty Miles from Home, 75cm x 50cm

Gouache painting by Meng Meifang, Shanxi Province
Wedding Procession, 60 cm x 76 cm


Clay Sculpture (Samples), Shanxi Province


Each workshop will have two projects, and students will have a choice to sign up for the project they like. Maximum number of participants are 40 students per workshop. Teaching artists will begin the workshop with an art-making demonstration of either an object or a design, and translators and assistants will on hand to aid the visiting artists. Materials then will be given to the students. Artists will work closely with students to complete his/her project.


Dough Sculpture as toy

Chinese Peasant Women Folk Art
Workshop Program

Free for Brooklyn Elementary School and Junior High School Students.

As part of the 08 Peasant Art Exhibition program two Peasant women artists will come from China to hold ten Folk Arts Workshops in March08. This will be a collaboration between local Asian American artists and the visiting artists from China.

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Cut-paper design collage for New Year - Year of the Pig (Sample)





Meng Meifang and Yu Zeling are guest artists from China who will be conducting cultural exchange workshops at AAWAA . Renowned for their artwork in the region of Ansai, Shaanxi province in China, both women are self-taught painters and excellent craftspersons.


The workshop theme is based on various folk arts practiced by local villagers in the Chinese rural countryside.

Two folk artists from China and three local artists will collaborate to teach children traditional Chinese Folk Arts such as dough figurines, cut paper design and kite making. Each workshop will be divided into three sections that children may choose to participate. Maximum number of participants are 40 children/adults per workshop. The workshops are free and are 1 hr 15 mins long. RSVP is required due to limited space.


Dough Sculpture for wedding (Sample), Shanxi Province

This exhibition program is supported, in part, with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Brooklyn Arts Council; JPMorganChase/BAC, The Independence Community Foundation, China Peasant Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Committee, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Donnell Public Library, Bread and Roses Cultural Project, 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East, AAWAA and the David Schwartz Foundation.