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Fall 07 Movie Schedule

Movie Program
AAWAA Gallery • 136 15th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215
( F train to 4th Ave. R/M train to Prosepect Ave.

Fri, November 9, 7 PM
Siberian Dream
A film by Janet Gardner with Irina Pantaeva, 30 min.
Originally from a small village in the Buryat region of Siberia, Irina Pantaeva emigrated to the U.S. in the 1980’s. Every summer, Irina, a world-famous model, and her son travel back to help her troubled family, trapped in the new free market society which struggles with alcoholism, lawlessness and despair. Through interviews with academics, local shamans, monks, musicians, and farmers, Siberian Dream shows the effects of perestroika and glasnost on this Buryat community.

Friday, November 16, 7 PM

The Ladies of The Lake: A Matriarchial Society
Produced by Journeyman Pictures, 20 min.
This stunning film takes us to a rare matriarchal community in southwest China. The ancient Mosuo culture has survived both the time of the concubines and the Cultural Revolution, although it is now being threatened with extinction by Beijing family-planning policies and by absorption into the mainstream of the Chinese majority. In the Mosuo culture, power is handed from the matriarch to her most intelligent daughter. This is probably the only region in China where girl babies are more valued than baby boys. While the Mosuo are shy about revealing their feelings, they have overcome this shyness here and talk about love, marriage, divorce, and the difficulties of living apart.

Friday, November 23, 7 PM riday, November 23, 7PM
Daughters of the Canopy
A film by Trilby MacDonald, 47 min.
This vibrant film focuses on the struggles and successes of two local women's groups fighting to preserve their land, forests and way of life in Brazil's Amazon region. The women combine scientific study, political advocacy and grassroots activism to save their communities' fields and forests from ranchers and loggers and to improve their standard of living.

Friday, November 30, 7 PM
Celestial Dance, a Balinese ceremony
A film by Kari Soveri for YLE, 28 min.
Sanghyang Deling is a special religious ceremony performed in a remote village in the volcanic region of northern Bali. The key part of the ceremony which is based on Hinduism, consists of two young girls who dance according to strict Balinese traditions. The girls chosen for the task have never received any dance training although they have seen the dance many times before. They only dance while in a trance. The ceremony is led by a Hindu priest who asks the deities to descend into their midst in the temple and to enter into the body of puppets which are representations of the two girls. While dancing the girls murmur chants that have healing properties and exorcise the evil spirits that threaten the village.

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