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2006 HOME ROOM Special

Event Schedule

4 Free Shadow Pupet Workshop for public school students

Thursday, May 25 & Friday, May 26

Using traditional Chinese Cut-paper design and collage technique for the creation of Shadow Puppetry. Taught by artist Song Xin. Including a 15 minutes Chinese animation video.


Summer Workshop for age 7 & up and adults

Every Tuesday for 6 weeks: July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15

Shadow Puppet Workshop
fee: $200/PERSON

Using traditional Chinese Cut-paper design and collage technique for the creation of Shadow Puppetry. Taught by artist Song Xin.

Knotting Design Workshop
fee: $150/PERSON

Traditional Korean knotting design taught by artist Sei Ryun Chun.

call 718.788.6170 or e-mail to info@aawaa.org


Movie Program
[June - August]

AAWAA Gallery • 136 15th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

Saturday, June 17, 7PM
Hua Hun (A Soul haunted by Painting)
114MIN. / English Subtitles

Chinese painter Pan Yuliang was raised in a brothel and later rescued by a man who fell in love and married her to be his concubine. In this film biography, Pan is played by Gong Li who beautifully captures the tension the artist felt as she was dogged by her past and caught between traditional Chinese culture and Western influences in her art.

Friday, June 23, 7PM
Monkey made havocs in Heaven

Chinese animation for neighborhood children.

Saturday, June 24, 7PM
Seventeen Years
ZHANG YUAN / 85MIN. / English Subtitles

A young girl is convicted of murder and sentenced to a long stay in Prison. After 17 years she is granted a special furlough for New Year.

Friday, June 30, 7PM
The World of Mei Lanfang
MEI-JUIN CHEN / 57MIN. / English Subtitles

A beautiful woman moves demurely, but with a hint of seduction. This video reveals the life and career of Mei Langang, who became an international sensation for his prtrayal of women in Chinese Opera. With rare archival footage.
Reservation required. If audience reaches 50, a costumed performance by Chinese Opera star Alan Chow will follow. Admission $10.

Saturday, July 1, 7PM
Mao's New Suit
SALLY INGLETON / 51MIN. / English Subtitles

Two young Chinese women designers are out to make their mark in the international fashion industry. Their optimism shows the human face of changing China.

Friday, July 7, 7PM
Hua Hun (A Soul haunted by Painting)
114MIN. / English Subtitles

(see the event description on Saturday, June 17.)

Saturday, July 8, 7PM
Nu Shu: A Hidden Language of Women in China
YUE-QING YANG / 59MIN. / English Subtitles

In Jian-yong country in Hunan province, peasant women miraculously developed a separate written language, called Nu Shu, meaning "female writing." Believing women to be inferior, men disregarded this new script, and it remained unknown for centuries. It wasn't until the 1960s that Nu Shu caught the attention of Chinese authorities, who suspected that this peculiar writing was a secreet code for international espionage.

Friday, July 14, 7PM
Colonel Jin Xing

Chinia;s Most Emblematic Transsexual. An extraordinary portrait of a Chinese ballet dancer who underwent one of the first sex change operations in China to become a woman. She is now the toast of the Chinese theater, despite having challenged very traditional institutions.

Saturday, July 15, 7PM
KWON YANG JA / 52MIN. / English Subtitles

During the Cultural Revolution a daughter was giving up for adoption to a farm family. Now, a parent herself, she journeys to meet the father she never knew.

Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22 - Gallery Closed

Friday, July 28, 7PM
East Wind West Wind: Pearl Buck

The extraordinary life of Pearl Buck (1892-1973), the child of missionaries who was raised in China and developed a deep affection for the Chinese people. She became one of the most popular American writers of the 20th Century, especially for her best-selling novel, The Good Earth. Archival footage and interviews provide unique insight into China in the first half of the 20th Century.

Saturday, July 29, 7PM
The Emperor's Eye: Art and Power in Imperial China
LISA HSIA / 58MIN. / English Subtitles

This spectacular film brings to light the princeless treasures of China's imperial art collection, relating them to the political climate of their time. It also describes how the collection survived both war and revolution in the 1930-40's.

Friday, August 4, 7PM
Chinese Foot Binding: The Vanishing Lotus

A young girl's feet were broken and bound inwards along the instep, a process that caused excruciating pain. Systematically bound, day after day, the stunted feet began to take on the coveted look of that profoundly sensuous image, the lotus bulb.

Saturday, August 5, 7PM
Women in China

A two-part documentary on the conditions of women in today's economically oriented Chinese society. It visits four dicerse parts of China.

Friday, August 11, 7PM
Nu Shu: A Hidden Language of Women in China
YUE-QING YANG / 59MIN. / English Subtitles

(see the event description on Saturday July 18.)

Saturday, August 12, 7PM
Sparrow Village
CHRISTINE CHOY/ 30MIN. / English Subtitles

In a rurall village of southwestern China a bevy of young girls yearn for an education. Their parents are poor and illiterate. It is difficult for them to scrape together the money to send their daughters to school in another village. Beautifully photographed in the lush mountain greenery.

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