AAWAA  Asian American Women Artists Alliance
AAWAA Events: Traditional Balinese Dance Performance - Opening Receptions and Exhibits - Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Lion Dance

Asian American Women Artists Alliance

The Asian American Women Artists Alliance is a non-profit women artists organization based in New York. We are a unique women collective organizing two to four exhibitions a year.

Videos of AAWAA and past AAWAA Events

A Tea Ceremony Korean Style, 2006 Ceres Gallery

In 2006 AAWAA presented a Korean style Tea Ceremony Ceres Gallery

More AAWAA Videos

Chinese women artists of early 20th century

Puppet Workshot

AAWAA Shadow Puppet Workshops

Artists Yan Kong,  Song Xin and Helen Lin  lead the workshops in the creation of puppets and scenery set design using Chinese cut-paper technique. The production of a CD/sound track is made for the Play Performance.  Puppets are made with acetate film and manipulated horizontally on the overhead projector.

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